Responsible: Providing livelihood


Our organic dates are growing in the Jordan Valley, North of the Dead sea. The desert climate there is perfect for super juicy and dark dates.
Unfortunately the political situation in this area was never simple and land conflicts occurred regularly since about 1500 years B.C. This creates a fragile, complex political situation which for the moment has no simple solution.
Our approach is to provide livelihood to the people that live in the region and let them work together regardless of race, nationality or gender.

Jordan Valley
packhouse medjool dates


Our pack house and growers employ around 200 people living in and around the Jordan Valley, of which about 50% are women. They work in the plantations, packing, sorting and different management positions. Most of  our employees are Palestinians nationals working together with Israelis. Our employees work in safe, modern comfortable facilities, using advanced equipment following the standards of BRC Food and GlobalGAP.  We have started GRASP certification process and SMETA as well to demonstrate our commitment to our workers.


Our work approach is inclusive. We purchase our dates from Israeli and Palestinian Farmers from Jericho/ Jordan Valley area. We also employ Israelis, Palestinians without prejudice to gender, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.


medjool dates packing

Bridge to Livelihood

By providing income to 200 families, Palestinian and Israeli we build a bridge of practical co-existence. We believe that our operation positively influence livelihood of people that are living around us. The political situation in the Jordan Valley is not ideal and there are disagreements about certain issues, however the solution is probably somewhere in between and not in the extremes. Building bridges for normal life, income and mutual respect are key to regional stability and play an important role in the quality of life for people living in and around the Jordan Valley. By creating jobs, treating people with respect and bringing people together we believe that our Organic Medjoul Dates are part of the solution of creating better lives for the communities around us.