Asianuts imports Organic Medjool Dates and high grade Organic Tahini  to Europe.

We are based in the Netherlands and serve most parts of Europe

Asianuts is specializing in import and distribution of 2 main products:

  • (Organic) Medjool dates
  • Organic Tahini (sesame paste)

Asianuts imports  full containers and due to flexible logistics can deliver in most parts of Europe few boxes to many pallets.

We have 2 logistics centers in the Netherlands:

  1. For small orders, delivery via DHL and GLS parcel services. For orders 5-30 kg.
  2. For orders of 100 kg  and more. We deliver by truck on a pallet

Our Offer 

  • We take care of all logistics and paperwork and you get your shipment delivered to your door. We can deliver to most destinations in Europe within 48 hours (Truck) and 2-4 business days (Parcel Service)
  • Prepare export documents to non EU countries: Switzerland, Norway, (U.K ?)
  • Direct distribution for shops, market sellers, restaurants, hotels, wholesales, web-shops, supermarkets, wholesale and more.
  • Drop-shipping to your web-shop with API integration
  • Private label and custom packaging for large orders.

Quality, traceability and Food safety

We source our products from certified producers. We demand our producers to have the relevant certifications as Global GAP, BRC Food /IFS Food, Bio. Asianuts is Organic certified by SKAL NL-BIO-01. All our products are fully traceable on lot number level.